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About our Store

King Star Company is a private limited liability company established in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates in the field of mobile phones and their modifications.

The company specialized in modifying mobile phones and plating them with gold with many additives such as carbon fiber, leather and others, as it gathered a specialized cadre from all over the world.

The company started working on Nokia phones, where the 8800 phone with its various versions was a fertile environment for modification. After that, the work expanded to include the modification of many other brands such as BlackBerry, Vertu, and others. In 2012, in line with the labor market and because of the popularity of the iPhone 5 phone, the company devoted its expertise And its efforts and provided special gold-coated versions of this phone, which won the approval of customers in all Arab and international markets.

Company's achievements:

Since the establishment of the company and over the past fifteen years, more than 50,000 electronic devices have been modified.

The company was able to maintain the lead in this sector to provide everything that is new and distinctive and be a source of inspiration for other companies.

Fields of Company

iPhone phones – Apple watches – iPad – Samsung watches – Huawei watches – PlayStation – gift boxes.

Company's departments

Showroom – Design Department – Technical Department – CNC Department – Laser Department – Handicraft Department – Electroplating Factory – Box Factory.

We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers,
we simply want to make what they want.

Our Guarantee

King star company was able to advance the gold electroplating industry, which enabled it to give the highest guarantee in this field:

• Gold stability guarantee: 24 months (provided that the protection tape is not removed or the gold has been scratched).

• Warranty on all electronic components: 12 months (does not include abuse such as exposure to water, moisture or shock).

• A refund guarantee if it is proven that the device was not coated with gold, but with similar materials or close to the color of gold.

• Founder and owner of the company: Mr. Ibrahim Al-Khatib.